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Wolf VA Srl is a Visualization Agency located in Milan. We have been supporting smart and innovative companies in revealing their projects through our services since 2011.

We add value to unbuilt architectural and design projects through 3D visualizations and digital tools.

With diversified talents, our interdisciplinary approach is driven by a common desire to push boundaries and do our best.

We know our clients and their goals. So we are aware that each of their projects is unique. That’s why we constantly challenge one another to push our limits.

The strength of our agency is certainly teamwork. The visualizations are the result of group work.

Several 3D artists work together sharing the project and bringing together their skills. This allows the creation of visualizations that are unique.

We are architects, 3D Artists, and Marketing Specialists all together working hand in hand.


Pierluigi Di Giacomo and Tommaso Raffa are the two founding partners of the firm.

We are two architects, we have worked as project leaders for architectural firms in the competition division.

The need to better show the projects we were working on pushed us to enter the world of visualization.

During our job experiences understood how important it was to create images, animations, and VR. They realistically reflected the ideas of designers. So we started WOLF Visualization Agency in 2011.

Many years have passed, and in this period we have perfected our vision. We have grown, improved the technical quality, and created a passionate workgroup.

We are ready to grow further and accept the challenges that the future will bring.


Our images are the result of teamwork. Our 3D Artists and Architects contribute together to the result.

What we do is a blend, a one-off that cannot be replicated. This is an asset, an added value, originality, and uniqueness.

We are particularly attentive to details because they make a difference indeed. Through the details, the storytelling takes on strength and credibility.

Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
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