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With regard to Privacy, our company fully adheres to Regulation EU 2016/679 on Personal Data Protection (GDPR). No statement contained herein will ever be interpreted in a way contrary to this Regulation.

The collected data concern only contact information like company name, email, name, surname, address, and role. No other type of data is collected.

The data were freely provided by the data subject and collected during encounters in Events, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, and visit to our Studio, or were collected in response to a query made by the data subject about products or events, or even with the data subject’s purchase of services from the Studio. The data are collected from the data subject in a context – as noted above – in which he or she expects them to be used for the purpose of informing the data subject about events and news regarding the Studio and its activities or for direct marketing communications. The data are certainly used in a lawful, proper, transparent manner for purposes relevant to commercial and promotional activities.

The data are not disclosed or disseminated to third parties.

The data are kept in accordance with current legislation. The data subject can ask the Data Controller for the data WOLF VA S.r.l. at the email [email protected] at any time for verification of the data in our possession and how they are stored. You can request a total or partial withdrawal of their processing. You can request erasure in accordance with your right to be forgotten.


The provided or collected personal data on this site are managed pursuant to the D. Lgs. June 30 th 2003, n. 196. The specific site sections – in which the consumer data are collected for registration or for other communication purposes connected to the site functionalities, such as surveys or communication or other interactive initiatives – can contain specific information about the data processing or refer to this document.

The personal data provided by the consumer will be used for providing the services or the information object of application, with the formalities described as follows.

The provided personal data can be used to contact the consumer and for sending information contents (newsletter/alert) with e-mail, SMS, or mailbox, using, therefore, the name, postal address, and/or e-mail and telephone number.

The agreement to receive information contents can be withdrawn at any moment, without prejudice to the provided services. Every newsletter will contain in fact the guidelines and the contacts to disable the mailings.

The data are not disclosed or disseminated to third parties.

Similarly, personal data are kept only for the necessary time to realize the purposes for which they have been gotten. It is possible to require every moment to modify or eliminate the consumer personal data applying to the following e-mail address: [email protected].

In conformity to what is provided in the article 7 of the Privacy Code, the consumer has the right to ask for information about the collected personal data, to access his/her own personal data, to verify and obtain personal data correction or updating, to modify and to contest the personal data processing and the right to require the deletion, the block of his/her own personal data or the conversion into anonymous form; the right to withdraw the allowed agreement to the personal data processing that concerns the consumer, in conformity to what is provided from the present informative.


Cookies are small text files that sites visited by the consumers send to their terminals, where they are stored for being rebroadcasted to the same sites on the occasion of following visits. Cookies are used for different aims, they have different features and they can be used both by the holder of the site you are visiting and by third parties.

Here you will find all the information about the installed cookies through this site and the necessary guidelines on how to manage your preferences about them.

Cookies used by this site: the use of cookies from the holder of this site is framed in the Privacy Policy of the same; for all the information, you have to go to the page Visitor Privacy on the present site. Technical cookies: related to necessary activities for the site operation and for the service supply. Cookie-related to preferences and optimization save activities. Statistic cookies are used to collect information in an aggregate and anonymous form.

All technical cookies don’t need an agreement, therefore they have automatically installed thereafter the access to the site.

Cookies of third parts. This site uses “third party cookies” to receive on the device, during the navigation on a site, cookies sent from sites or from different web servers (the information storage is done by the third subject).

Full list of the used Privacy Policy cookies from third parts:

• google maps

• google analytics:




How to able or disable cookies: if the type and the version of the web browser used for Internet access is not known, you must click on the “?” ‘in the upper part of the browser window, then click on ‘Information about”.


The holder of the personal data processing is WOLF VA S.r.l., located in via Candoglia , 4, 20161 Milan, P.IVA 12303420967.

Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
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