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Beauty and functionality are the keywords to describe the Teocrito56 project.

Partnering with AbitareCo, we developed the 3D visualizations for this new residential complex set near NoLo, an eclectic neighborhood in the northeast part of Milan.

Our 3D renders for this project aim to create an immersive and emotional journey. We designed an engaging experience through the images, giving the viewer the warm feeling of being part of the project in the architectural space.

The visual storytelling of Teocrito56 transports the viewer to the elegant apartments, showing moments of everyday life at different times of the day in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


Through the camera angles chosen for the interior and exterior renderings, we expressed the innovative aesthetics of this residential block focusing on the materials, textures, and colors that enrich the images and contribute to achieving the most photorealistic result.

The selection of a carefully curated color palette donates a harmonious chromatic combination. This chromatic balance is a link between the indoor and outdoor spaces and conveys the refined atmosphere of a modern environment.

The large terraces and private gardens of Teocrito56 overlook the communal and play areas, as the greenery is a continuous element of the project.

The bright apartments, flooded with light through the big windows, let the green of the gardens invades the flats.

The convenient strategic location and its beautiful greenery surrounding show a perfect synergy between urban living and green spaces.

This design concept is the center of our 3D images. We aimed to achieve the perfect balance between design and nature.


Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
Made with ❤︎ by Jack Magma
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