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Nestled in a green oasis a few kilometers from the center of Milan. Residenze LAC project overlooks the lake of Cave Park. It consists of three buildings set in a context surrounded by luxurious vegetation.

Partnering with Nexity, we created a full range of services, including 3D visualizations, video animation, drone shots for photo insertion, and floor plans, developing the entire visualization project of this residential development.

residenze lac milano

Firstly, for the visualization concept, we carried out inspections on-site. The aim was to capture the atmosphere we experienced visiting the site. The lake and the park in the 3D visualizations recreate the peacefulness of the landscape. Images of pure beauty and harmony.

In internal visualizations, nature is still the protagonist. Thanks to the large windows, natural light spreads inside the rooms, giving life to the scenes.

We realized interior renders imagined scenes of everyday life for each room.

Each image tells a story. A sunset view on one of the spacious terraces from which to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake, while in the kitchen you are preparing dinner.

residenze lac

Above all, our goal was to tell a story, revealing the peaceful ambiance of LAC.

The overlook of the buildings is the first view of the project, showing the beautiful green area surrounding the projects.

As a result, from a large perspective of the outside, we enter the apartments, showing the bright spaces, elegantly furnished rooms, and charming terraces.

Residenze LAC represents a perfect balance between comfort and elegance. Its strategic location, surrounded by nature, creates a green oasis of peace just a few steps from Milan.

Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
Made with ❤︎ by Jack Magma
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