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Partnering with Bridge S.p.A., we defined the communication and marketing strategy of the project, through the execution of 3D renderings and 3D video animation.

Our emotional images are instrumental to support the sales campaign, guiding the new home buyers to discover the residential development in an immersive visual experience.

Situated in a historic area of Milan, the elegant and discreet building takes centre stage in our storytelling. We worked on a series of 3D visualizations, including also a video animation, capturing the building from different angles and in different light conditions during the day as we wanted to enhance its architectural features.

Through our photorealistic images we unveil the unique details of the residential development and, thanks to the video animation, we take the viewer and potential buyers in an engaging and exciting multisensorial experience.

The interior and exterior visualizations aim to immerse the viewer in the most authentic Milanese atmosphere, elegant and understated, an expression of the city’s spirit and its communities, a key element to see the new building in the urban context surrounding the Terraggio project.

For the external views of the building, we opted for a minimalistic palette of mutual hues, blending with the sky and the nearby buildings.

The internal views show a very elegant and sophisticated decoration, made of quality furnishing and timeless pieces for comfortable modern living, with a colour range made of neutral and soft shades, in a perfect combination with the exterior of the building.

terraggio 28 interior visualization


The video animation for Terraggio 28 brings the viewer into an immersive journey.

With every image, we aim to create a full visual experience: we walk the viewer through the building, showing the rooms bit by bit, with slow camera motions that let us discover the refined details of the residential building.

It’s a new day in Milan, and the energizing light of the sunrise it’s the opening of the video showing the new Terraggio28 estate taking life in its urban context. The residential building is showcased through the different hours of the day and with different weather conditions presenting the building in the most realistic way.

Each project is unique, as it is each one of our clients. We work on every project with a customized approach in order to focus on its unique features.

We implement a unique creative approach for each project we work on.

Our aim is to create an engaging story to showcase the project and let the viewer feel part of it, living the experience of being there. We create unique emotional experiences for our clients.

Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
Made with ❤︎ by Jack Magma
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