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We created the 3D visualizations and video animation for the winning project for the secondary Pavullo School, Modena.

The project, designed by Settanta7, will have a profound social impact on the local community with its innovative and sustainable features.

Through photorealistic renderings and video animation, our team of 3D artists developed visual storytelling. We focused on the innovative and high-tech characteristics of the building. In the renders, we imagined and showed it in all its everyday activities and full functions.

When we work on the visualization for a new commission, we always focus on the concept of the project first. Looking for visually creative and unique ways to enhance the architectural elements.

Above all our images guide the viewer into an emotional and inspiring experience. Light settings, color palettes, and camera angles create an engaging mood and unique atmosphere.

Our renderings aim to express the connection between the new Pavullo school and the natural, social, and urban context surrounding the school in a seamless balance between nature and architecture.

The project is part of a maxi competition that will see more than 200 new schools built around Italy as part of the Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR).

The educational complex showcases innovative architectural features. We carefully chose the best views and camera angles to highlight the soft and sinuous curves of the building.

There is a link between the architectural shapes and the surrounding nature. The irregular forms become part of the natural landscape, as an integral part of it. With our images, we convey the spirit of the project and evoke feelings of being part of the scene.

The sinuous lines, characteristic elements of the facades, and external parts of the building are also part of the interior spaces. They are in a harmonious dialogue between outdoor and indoor architecture.

The vast terraced staircases run alongside the green spaces, creating squares and gathering areas, having a positive social impact on the student’s everyday life.


Through our 3D video animation, we always want to tell a story. We aim to showcase the concept of the project through feelings, not only images, with the viewer being part of the project itself.

For this project in Pavullo, we choose to immerse the viewer in an ordinary day at the school. From early morning parents and students arriving at the school, to leisure activities during the break between classes. Enjoying the recreational areas and communal spaces.

The school aims to become a meeting point for all its communities, residents, and locals. It will represent a place where people will interact in many different activities and social initiatives.

Thanks to our creative approach, we bring clients’ ideas beyond their imagination.

We translate clients’ projects into engaging and emotional virtual spaces, telling a story, and bringing to life the spirit and concept of the project.

Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
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