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In the heart of the EUR district of Rome is coming Green Island, a new business hub with a new generation contemporary concept. Designed by Polis Srl, this building has high standards of sustainability.

In the heart of the business district of Rome is coming Green Island, a building with a new generation contemporary concept, designed by Polis Srl, with high standards of sustainability.

We helped Colliers Global Investors with the communication of this great project. Our team has created a video animation that shows a typical working day at the new business hub.

green island business hub

This is the first time that we are involved in video animation for office space and not for a residential project. This fact allows us to direct the film from a new point of view.

In addition to 3D animation, we also took care of the interior design. We have imagined a design to step up with the times and appealing for the real estate market.

green island business hub

The approach to this work was different especially for the choice of the placement of the cameras and deciding which spaces to focus on.

Our aim was to create specific storytelling for the project. We focused on showing in 2 minutes the entire hub, during all hours of a typical working day.


The flexibility of the project, its green vocation, and the research in design make Green Island a proposal with a strong appeal. Green Island has technological equipment of the first level, ready to welcome the business of tomorrow.

The video opens with the awakening of the city of Rome, arriving at the EUR district. The scene continues following the same subject in different spaces of the building.

We paid the utmost attention to the insertion of people into the video.

All characters are 4D models made through the scanning of the movements of real people.

In this way, the result has a maximum yield of realism.

We choose to keep the same person for the first scenes in order to convey to show the daily routine.

Going forward, the viewer becomes the protagonist and feels immersed in the scene.

Through our video, we wanted to share the innovative design and features of Green Island. The building stands out for 5 floors above ground on a rational square plan with 4 green courts inside.

The building is located in an area full of services, with high performance and flexible space distribution: these characteristics make it of strong interesting both nationally and internationally.

green island business hub
Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
Made with ❤︎ by Jack Magma
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