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Not far from the center of Milan, we participated in the communication and visualization of Milano Invilla.

The neighborhood was created to improve the well-being of those who want to live in a big city with all the benefits of the countryside.

Our images aim to combine independence and security while expressing comfort. Firstly, the sinuous architecture of the villas plays with natural light. Secondly, the movement to the shapes of the building.

Functionality and aesthetics coexist perfectly. The gardens of Invilla for example, are real outdoor lounges where you can spend wonderful moments of relaxation.

We expressed this mood also thanks to soft lights highlighting the beauty and simplicity of the area.

The interior spaces of Invilla project designed in this way are a perfect framework in which to reconcile with oneself. The architectural forms guarantee a constant presence of natural light.
Certainly, the primary source of energy and well-being, which enhances all the interior environments.

in villa via tognazzi
invilla terrace via tognazzi

In conclusion, the extreme care of the materials used in Invilla, and the attention paid to detail guarantees comfort through every moment spent here.

All of this amplifies the pleasure of living in these Villas.

invilla interior desgin soggiorno
Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
Made with ❤︎ by Jack Magma
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