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For this new real estate development, we used our interior design and fit-out services. Firstly, we selected the color palette, specific furnishings, and finishings. Secondly, we focused on giving importance to the backyard and his intimacy. After that, we represented it as a real natural refuge, even if still immersed in the city.

We expressed our client’s idea of this area recreating the perfect atmosphere. We worked on every detail, with great attention to the design. We enhanced all its values and what they truly represent for the customers.

You can easily imagine yourself relaxing there. Certainly, this is the power of this scene and that’s what makes it highly communicative and attractive.

We designed this space for those who want a unique, contemporary, and welcoming home. You can feel being there, in your living room enjoying your spare time.

In conclusion, on the basis of the key elements defined, we set up the visualization strategy. Moreover, we enhance the project, taking it to the next level.

borgo cascina conti interior
borgo cascina conti garden
Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
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