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We are pleasured to showcase our involvement in visualizing the metamorphosis of Bergamo Intermodal Station, a project by NET Engineering, Cino Zucchi Architetti and One Works.

Our team of passionated 3D experts meticulously crafted these renders bringing the station’s yet-to-be-built structures to life. We envision its vibrant energy and seamless functionality, fostering excitement for its realization.

Our renders breathe life into the future station’s, transforming blueprints into tangible realities. We meticulously depict the interplay of light and shadow, the seamless blend of interior and exterior spaces, and the bustling energy that will permeate this vibrant hub.

These visualizations serve as more than just artistic renderings; they are powerful tools for communication and engagement. They enable stakeholders, the public, and future users to experience the station before it exists, fostering a sense of ownership and anticipation.

Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
Made with ❤︎ by Jack Magma
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