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Freehand drawing has always been the basic tool for architects in communicating their ideas. Sketch has become a tool to convey quickly information about design solutions.

Drawing has become today a real artistic technique to enrich the project and give a personalized representation.

Digital evolution and 2D design tools have challenged the way architecture works are represented.

With the arrival of digital drawing and 3D representation tools, designers have a wide range of possibilities to choose from to better represent their projects.

Sketches are often used in the initial phase of the creative process. This technique is useful to schematize the first general ideas.


Participating in the Aria C40 Reinventing Cities competition, customers asked us for freehand perspectives. These freehand illustrations helped the preliminary phase of the project development to evaluate the design approach. Through the sketches, we set important guidelines for the 3D visualizations as well.

Thanks to the drawing tablet we have enriched the project with unique representations. In this way, we communicate the final result in a refined and personalized way.

In creating these illustrations we tried to stay true to the final result.

The project for Aria C40 transforms Ex Macello into one of the most interesting areas of Milan.

With our drawings, we tried to highlight the naturalistic component, of which the project is rich.

The most particular element of work is La Fabbrica dell’Aria, an innovative botanical filtration system that purifies the air through plants.

Our illustrations allow you to immerse yourself in the project with a unique style

The colors of the materials and vegetation give realism and remain true to the renders.

aria c40 winning project
Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
Made with ❤︎ by Jack Magma
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