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A Real Estate intervention in the heart of Milan, in its center, at the intersection of Via Dante and Via Rovello, strategic for the redevelopment of a historic building and aimed at its re-entry into the real estate market with a naturally high-level commercial target, but not only.

The redevelopment was carried out by BNP Paribas Real Estate and was curated by the SPI – Società Progetti Integrali Srl studio, which involved us taking care of its communication.

The project had the aim to create different solutions with different styles, but all united by functionality and sophistication, as well as an elegance beyond current trends and therefore timeless, with stylistic contents and finishes of absolute prestige.

From our point of view, the first phase is listening to the customer’s needs, as well as their reinterpretation, which was the most important and crucial in order to collect the information and objectives on which to set an effective strategy.

After analyzing the ideal target of potential customers, we opted for an articulated approach. Many cuts of very different sizes, types of investments also they are differentiated, but all characterized by high-value buyers, with very strong attention to respect and enhancement of the historical and central character of the original building.

The stylistic approach used for the external views combines the conservative one also used for the project, enhancing the characteristics of the existing, in all its complexity and all its nuances. The effort of our communication has been to highlight the functional and qualitative achievements of the redevelopment.

Realistic photographic images with assertive attention to detail and lighting, guide the viewer’s gaze on the details and quality of the intervention of interstitial redevelopment.

As for the interior, after studying different approaches, we opted for the definition of different moods, according to the common guidelines, highlighting the quality and prestige of buildings and their materials.

The customization that we have provided to each set is a winner, with a sophisticated and varied audience. This strategy, although more demanding, pays off strongly in the marketing phase.

This same strategy has even been used, on several occasions, also to decline the same environment with different settings, while keeping the architecture and framing unchanged.

The 3D visualization, therefore, takes on an even higher function, not only representing an architecture or an environment not yet built and making the most of it but also interpreting it in a highly functional way. The flexibility of these tools also allows this, a further potential of very high value.

Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
Made with ❤︎ by Jack Magma
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