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With this case history, we want to tell you about the development of marketing and communication activities for Feel Uptown, the new real estate project by EuroMilano.

Wellness, beauty, comfort, flexibility are the characteristics at the center of this new smart district in Milan.

The client entrusted us to express the key points of the project, the spaces, and the services that this project creates and which represents an indisputable plus for potential buyers. We created visual storytelling through the images able to communicate our client’s idea.

Feel Uptown represents an additional step in the development of this important area located northwest of Milan. The plot was designed by the studio Labics, SIO Engineering, and Valerio Cozzi who were inspired by the great tradition of Milanese internal courtyards. The heart of Feel UpTown, in fact, is the internal courtyard with an area of over 3,000 square meters which reinterprets the Milanese court in a contemporary key. The challenge for us was to identify a communication strategy able to bring out the salient features of this complex project.

We identified, together with the client, the key points of Feel Uptown, the spaces and the services that this project creates and which represents a great plus for potential buyers.

We studied the whole project and then we highlighted, in agreement with EuroMilano, some topics on which to focus. The chosen themes for the common spaces were: the internal courtyard, the private gardens on the ground floor, the SPA area with a swimming pool, and the boulevard with its commercial axis.

Then we analyzed the apartments identifying the terraces, central elements for modern living, as a key communication theme.

This was the first image created and the one that allowed us to start with our storytelling for the project, getting also confident with the complexity of the building itself and revealing the topic of the project, the

courtyard. We created this image to

approach the Real Estate market in a new way, with a strong visual impact.

While maintaining the technical perfection of the image, we opted for the introduction of realistic elements that bring the communication closer to the real experience of future buyers. The image aims to capture the viewer’s attention and make the architectural quality of the intervention well perceived.

Great attention was given to the details, such as the lighting elements, the benches, and the flooring, without revealing, in this first step, too much of the architecture of the building.

We decided to represent the garden with autumn colors, to obtain a great contrast in colors and to avoid the stereotype of the ‘always green’ gardens.

In this second image, we revealed the garden space of the ground floor residences, seizing the moment exactly before the start of a summer dinner. The sun has just set, and the garden lamps turned on.

On the left, there is a table set for dinner and on the lawn, there are two deck chairs with a small table ready for an aperitif.

The image is dominated by shades of blue and green, the sky is still bright and the flames of the candles warm the air up.

This view has been conceived to emphasize the terraces, crucial elements for modern living. Every room opens onto a private balcony with a stunning view of the city.

We wanted to play with the light and with the atmosphere of the sunset that illuminates

the structure of the building enhancing the architecture and its design.

We finally reveal the project, the architecture, and we point to the pedestrian access to the inner park and to two of the three buildings’ volumes composing the project. The base, characterized by an anthracite-colored stone, houses shops, and commercial activities.

This view has the purpose of telling the composition and articulation of the project development, with all the services and the new life that will be brought to the area. The attention of the project to environmental issues is enhanced by the introduction of electric cars and scooters in the

foreground. Feel Uptown is the first residence

combining home and work, wellbeing and health, investment and innovation for the Milan of

the future. These themes are crucial today

more than ever and we are proud of the contribution given to this innovative project by visualizing it. Visual communication is emotionally realistic.

Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
Made with ❤︎ by Jack Magma
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