In one of the most exclusive areas of Milan, the heart of the design district is coming to a stunning loft apartment. This intervention is part of a new regeneration project. The core of the project is to convert disused spaces into three stunning “lofts”. The buildings are immersed in… Read More


With our visualizations, for Corte Verde apartment, you can get product views that incorporate a unique perspective. All of this is unreachable with a real camera. Moreover, it is easier to control the lighting and express materials. We are particularly attentive to details because they make the difference indeed. Our… Read More


In this case, we created these images to emphasize the design of the furniture. To do so we gave value to every detail of it. Comfortable and special furniture enhance the space. These elements favor sobriety, elegance and they create a refined atmosphere. Most importantly they focus on simplicity without… Read More


A cozy living room and a familiar scene create the perfect atmosphere in a harmonic photorealistic image. Most importantly, we bring your ideas to life. As a result, we create an experience for people who will feel immersed in our creations. These two visualizations are… Read More


Dante Rovello’s project concerns the redevelopment of a building in a prestigious area of Milan, near the Duomo. With in-depth work, we managed to recreate the interior with a clear design that reflects the desires of this type of clientele. We wanted to create welcoming spaces. Certainly simple but refined with… Read More


We bring you to this modern kitchen in Switzerland. Firstly, our job is to make images with perfect blend of materials and taste. Secondly, studying the project with the client allows us to embody his idea creating a stunning photorealistic artwork. With this kind of visualization, the viewer can feel… Read More


The collaboration between IAAD – Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design and WOLF Visualization Agency is the starting point of a teaching path for Pierluigi Di Giacomo, Tommaso Raffa and Paolo Grilli. The partnership between our company and the Institute is invaluable, each bringing their own unique skill sets, perspectives, and… Read More

Via Candoglia 4, 20161
Milan, Italy
[email protected]
Made with ❤︎ by Jack Magma
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